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The Absolute Sound-Substance
in Perfect Function

Creating the Absolute Musical Force-Field in the Harmony

This does not mean that the diverging of feeling and understanding is no longer pursued with the greatest earnestness by these two forces of cognition.

It only means that now, through the effect of the absolute sound-substance, a perfect force-field has been created on the level of the harmony, in which feeling and understanding diverge, while at the same time they also converge.

Divergence and Convergence of Feeling and
Understanding as a Whole

This is also why, in the field of the harmony, one can no longer determine in detail whether feeling and understanding now diverge or converge. The feeling obviously continues to strive towards unity alone – in fact, with all the unlimited energy of the pure self-awareness available to it – and the understanding continues, as before, to strive towards diversity, endowed with the inexhaustible potential of intelligence of the pure self-awareness.

A Musical Force-Field of a Completely New Order

By virtue of the fact, that in the field of the harmony the absolute sound-substance was enlivened in its vibration, a force-field of a completely new dimension is created – a lively dimension of universal music beyond space and time. And in this new world the musical reality looks like this:
  1. in it, all innermost musical happening stands still, but flows limitlessly at the same time,
  2. the spaces in which this musical-dynamical process takes place are infinitely small, but infinitely large at the same time,
  3. within this total musical experience the musical-human forces diverge, but converge at the same time,
  4. this unstoppable flow takes place in utmost condensation and with supreme precision,
  5. musical growth is at the same time also a process of sustaining and dissolving – while on the other hand, in terms of music, nothing whatsoever happens – and:
  6. this entire, silent, universal happening might be described by the term “the play of the standing, the resting, the flowing infinite harmony.”