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Musical Depreciation

The Listener Experiences Complete Fulfilment of Desires

A natural result of knowing the truth in the supreme force-field of music – in the harmony – is that the listener makes the experience of the complete fulfilment of desires.

Here, in the absolute musical force-field beyond space and time, we quite spontaneously make the natural experience of all the advantages music may ever offer, and while we look back now, from this supreme level of musical knowledge, to the world of music which we once went through with heated discussions between feeling and understanding when we delved, starting from the musical sound-space, into ever finer structures of the musical meaning, there we become aware of now, looking out from the field of harmony, in the musical world of the sequences, the motifs, and of the musical sound-space, that had been so dear to us before, only a very limited world.

The Musical Flow in the Space-Time World

Looking out into the space-time world, the musical flow now appears to us only as an inert world dragging by.

Even the sequences appear inert to us – much more so the motifs, not to speak about the tones which trundle along before our mental eye like boulders, while the motifs at least stumble, and the sequences even try to achieve some harmonious flow.

Music Bridges Infinite Spaces and Times

So, in this our complete musical experience in the absolute Now of the harmony, the musical bridging of infinite spaces and times is not even the matter of a single moment, but it takes place in the infinitely condensed span of true simultaneity.

And our lively experience bridges all conceivable spaces and times in the tonality of the eternal present moment.

All Relative Music Diminishes in Value for the Listener

This musical experience of our infinite, dynamic, unlimited, manifold, pure self-awareness, and the simultaneous experience of the languid flow of the outer world of music, understandably reduce the value of all relative music for us.

True and lasting value we attribute only to the real musical field of pure harmony.

The Significance of the Outer Musical Performance

Thus, to the creative music listener, the outer musical world is only a dull imitation of a very small detail of his actual inner musical wealth he experiences in the realm of the harmony, and now to him the outer musical performance is of as little significance as some seed of some plant in some granary is to the creator of the world.

The Creative Music Listener Identifies the Musical World of Illusions

The creative music listener, therefore, no longer wants to leave his perfect world of the harmony for that outer world of illusion.

This is his natural standpoint now.