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The Fallacy in
Gaining Knowledge in Music

In the relative process of our listening to and experiencing music, in the flow of time, we concluded from one specific knowledge to a higher, equally specific knowledge.
We travelled through the worlds of musical orders, and strove from the musical strata of knowledge of a inferior order to the musical strata of knowledge of a superior order.

At each step, our feeling inferred a state of greater fulfilment, because each field of higher knowledge released more energy within it. And then our feeling registered this increase in energy as an increase of the potential of power and of the experience of happiness.

Our understanding, however, concluded a decrease in diversity on the higher levels of musical knowledge, and purely by habit kept its cognizant eye directed predominantly towards the superficially recognizable diversity in the lower worlds of music.

The inertia of our understanding, which resulted from its structural adaptation to the lower fields of musical energy, disallowed it to perceive the diversity in the subtler and denser fields of greater musical unity with the same distinctness as in the lower worlds of music.

Thus, our understanding kept its eye of cognition directed predominantly towards fields of lower musical energy, and due to their outer distinctness it could not be convinced to release greater, inner intelligence in order to gain higher knowledge.

The Fallacy of the Understanding in the Musical
Process of Knowing

However, once the understanding – constantly spurred by our feeling – had reached the field of the harmony and was able to draw there from the unlimited realm of intelligence of pure self-awareness, it discovered that in reality, as unity increases, diversity does not decrease, but that at first the diversity was not distinguishable enough due to the understanding’s initial lack of intelligence.