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The Musical Path to Self-Knowledge

The Inner, Synthesizing Understanding of Music

The mastery over the elements of a composition, the motif, the melody, the sequence, and the harmony – and based on that, the integrated mastery over the overtone-spectrum of a tone – have their equivalent in mathematics in the effortless mastery over irrational numbers; for in music, which is structured lively, all the structural elements of the composition move in ratios of irrational numbers.

Nothing is fixed here, and yet one feels the presence of an organizing knowledge, without being able to grasp it at any specific point.

The Classical Way from Music Analysis to Music Synthesis

Attempting to fathom such a lively musical order through analysis one will be unable to comprehend it from outside alone, because due to a natural educational mechanism built into such compositions, the listener at some point replaces the outward, restricted analytical method with his inner, comprehensive, synthesizing understanding, and at the depths of his personality he attains inner knowledge – the knowledge of his Self.

The Educational Mechanism of Classical Composition

Having reached his self, sounding music to him is the outer means for stimulating his happiness at the depth of his inner silence of self-consciousness in a manifold, creative manner.

The True Purpose of Archaic Classical Music

Thus, the art of music has accomplished a central task: it has inspired the music lover to systematic self-awareness, and it has anticipated the blissful world of experience associated with self-awareness.

Glorification of the innumerable facets of self-knowledge is the true purpose of archaic: of genuine classical music.